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I love haters

2010-07-03 23:53:49 by aznj50

Come on! I love haters! I love a challenge. If I own you then I own you! =P Trust I'm nice guy! You start sh!t with me I will fight back!

I love music challenge! =P


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2010-07-04 02:43:29

LOL, you are just like me, when someone just start a PM/Response/Comment/Review fight i always have to finished it too.

aznj50 responds:

Welcome to my world!


2010-07-04 04:30:40

I challenge you to make a formant reese with clearly enunciated English vocalizations, and texture-eq-freq modding AKA "wobble". Upload it to NG, link me, and you will gain some respect from me.

aznj50 responds:

too lazy! I'll make genres I like!


2010-11-06 14:37:30

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