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I love haters

2010-07-03 23:53:49 by aznj50

Come on! I love haters! I love a challenge. If I own you then I own you! =P Trust I'm nice guy! You start sh!t with me I will fight back!

I love music challenge! =P


2010-06-24 03:37:19 by aznj50

My music has no structure? so what I create my own sounds. the only samples I got are the drums. I use lots of automations too. Dubstep wobble is not a talent guys. Its very easy to synthesize a sine wave or square wave. Then speed up the lfo you got the wobble. -_-

Anyways, if your not friend, then your a foe. Oh yes. My music will beat yours no doubt. You steal my samples shame on you? are you scooter or basshunter?

Working on learning synthesis, music theory, and creating unique sounds.